Face-off! As Ohashi-sensei’s battle with the Sour Grapes comes to a close, who will emerge victorious?!

Next Monday’s post will be a little delayed due to Megacon in Orlando. :) I will try to get it posted Tuesday as soon as I return! If you are coming to Megacon please stop by the booth and say hi! :D

A webcomic doesn’t get updated as often…(or if we are being HONEST…at all)…as it should be. Well. This here is no longer 2009! This is 2010. And things are going to change. I’m launching the new main website shortly and with the conclusion of that, this will be my next project. I already have 3 panels ready to go, but I need to close out Monsters and Mushrooms first. The conclusion of that story will be published in the first of many BeKyoot books. -.-;;; Alright. Back to work.

Alright! Explanation time! of Monsters and Mushrooms was on hiatus this past week due to the launch of the new BeKyoot website, so that is the reason for a lack of new pages. I shall be flying out to visit my family for Thanksgiving and will hopefully have a chance to get some pages drawn and scanned before leaving. I am hoping that I’ll be able to resume posting over the holiday. After oMaM is done, I’ve got another special story in the works: A Happi Christmas Story! so! That means when I have my pages ready I’ll most likely backdate them again so I can fit everything in before Christmas! ALSO! I’m going to add a new season to the main site! :D You’ll eventually be able to pick what season you want to see, Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. I’m also working on customizing this one…I like the out of the box interface so much though XD ah well. It’ll get done eventually.

1 of 4. So yeah. :3 I like to keep people on their toes. :D